In alignment with her research interests, Colleen Jones presents workshops on the topics of gender bias and consumer orientation.  Please see the workshop descriptions below and feel free to get in touch for more information.

Webinar: Consumer Orientation

A Foundation for Clear and Inclusive Communication

This webinar, presented for RID, explores the concept of consumer orientation and how it can be utilized to support consumers' understanding of the interpreted interaction.  0.2 Professional Studies CEUs available.  Presented in ASL.

Gender Bias and Interpreting

How Sexism Impacts Interpreters and Our Work


This workshop focuses on the experiences of female interpreters, the bias and discrimination we encounter while on the job, and the impacts on ourselves, our work, and our consumers. We will explore current scholarship on the topic of gender bias and interpreting and participate in discussions of oppression, feminist theory, and Dean and Pollard’s demand-control schema. Participants will engage in individual and group exercises where manifestations of gender bias toward interpreters and potential control options are explored. Participants will also consider how their understanding of this topic can advance through individual and community of practice learning. Instead of telling female interpreters what they should do differently in the face of oppression, this workshop emphasizes women’s instincts and wisdom as well as utilization of allies and evidence-based practices.

This workshop qualifies for Power, Privilege, and Oppression (PPO) CEUs.

Consumer Orientation

Reducing confusion, distraction, and negative perceptions


“Wait, who’s talking?”

“Tell him I am saying…”

“I just think sign language is so fascinating!”

Have you ever worked with a consumer who was confused or distracted by the interpreting process? Ever wish you could go back in time and alter your approach to the situation?

This workshop explores the concept of consumer orientation and how it can be utilized to support consumers’ understanding of the interpreted interaction.  We will discuss research, the evolution of interpreter ethics, and how a lack of consumer orientation can have a negative impact on consumers, interpreters, and the message.  The presentation and discussion will walk through various components of effective orientation, current best practices, and considerations for employing specific control options.  Participants will leave with a better understanding of orientation to the interpreted interaction, a plan for personal growth, and next steps for their Community of Practice.

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